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North Carolina Log Home Living - The Nirvana of Nature

There's just something about log home living. With their sturdiness and security, log homes feel more like a home than "just a house." Today's custom log homes offer a rustic and historic feel, but with the amenities and architectural grace of a contemporary home.

Log homes also seem at one with the nature that surrounds them. Imagine the sun rising over a log home on a brisk North Carolina morning, with the natural environment just stirring to life, and you'll see the appeal offered by this way of life.

The Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina
"We had better design and build thoughtfully, sensitively, creatively, as we usher men and women into the presence of the natural gods..." So said Stanley William Abbot, architect of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and thus was born a 469-mile stretch of scenic roadway, carved through the mountains of Virginia and North Carolina.

The idea for the Blue Ridge Parkway was conceived during the Great Depression, and construction began in 1935. It was seen as a way to put people to work in a time when work was desperately needed.

Today, the Blue Ridge Parkway is practically synonymous with "scenic drive." People flock from all over to enjoy the winding splendor the Parkway offers.

Log Homes in North Carolina The Ultimate Combo
Log homes by themselves offer a majestic environment to their owners. But when you combine a luxury log home with a beautiful landscape like the Blue Ridge Parkway, you reach the "nirvana" of natural living.

Perhaps that's why so many people build log homes in North Carolina. One area in particular draws a lot of interest for those interested in log home living. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and just minutes from the historic Blue Ridge Parkway, lies the town of Boone, North Carolina. To many, the woods around this town of 13,000 represent a Mecca of log home living.

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If you're in the market for a log home in North Carolina, please consider Cielo Falls. Cielo Falls is a new community of custom log homes in the Blue Ridge Mountain area around Boone, North Carolina. Floor plans and photo gallery available at http://www.cielofalls.com/

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