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Where Should A Newbie Start Looking For Website Builder Tools?

The most scary thing for the newbie website builder is knowing which way to jump and what tools to use. There are a plethora of website builder tools out there you could use, and some are more complicated to use than others. There are other choices as well like whether you should use an online builder, or do you download one and muddle through the process?

It depends on a lot of things, really. How much time do you have? If it's not a lot of time then the chances are you are looking for something that you can use that will throw a site together quickly and easily. If you are after something that you can use quickly and easily, then you're most probably better off using a web-based tool, rather than playing around with a program.

The other thing you should consider is what your site is for. That's pretty basic, I know, but a lot of people don't really decide this before they start the process. If it's a personal site, for example, then it's going to be different than say, a site for promoting a business or service. You need to tailor your site for the people who will use it.

The best way to decide this is by looking at other sites like the one you are going to put up on the web and then cherry picking their best ideas. Anybody who says you have to do everything from scratch has rocks in their heads. This doesn't mean you should go out there and plagiarise a site, though. That's just getting yourself off on the wrong foot, and they'll find out, trust me. Use what looks good, though, and discard the rest.

Now that you have an idea of what you are going to be doing, you can find a website builder that suits you. Another thing to consider, when you are looking, is for online support. Nobody, just nobody, unless they are a super-genius will master a new task such as this at their first run. If you have help, it's easier.

The best way to take the fear out of building a website is to first know what you want, and then look for it. If you know that, you'll be light years ahead of most people. After all, building a website is much easier with the right tools, you just have to know what you want first.

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