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Walmart Free Samples Great Giveaway

Are you the kind of person that is tired of seeing prices always on the rise? Does it become exhausting to you to find out that gas prices have inched up another 10 or 20 cents over night? And then to follow is the price of everything else we buy since it obviously needs to be transported from place to place and that takes fuel. It sure does bother me. What we need to do is find ways of saving money on products we need every day. One way we can do that is by taking advantage of opportunities of free.

The mega giant department store Walmart that sells just about everything at low, low prices has a small program in place that you can take advantage of. If you visit their web site and do a search for free samples you'll find their tucked away free program. What they have is a very small selection of products that you can give your name, address and phone number for. They will ship it to you. Now don't expect to see your freebie overnight. Usually it takes 6-8 weeks for them to ship out. That has at least been my experience with this program.

What kinds of things will you find for free with this program? Mostly very low priced and cheap items are available. For instance cleaning supplies like Cascade and other detergents are always available. Beauty products like Ban, which is a cheap deodorant stick, are usually available at all times to get for free. Some baby products like Pampers are also available.

Most of the times you'll find the products available are just released ideas that may not be selling all that well. The one downfall of this program is it is very limited in what is available. You'll only find several things offered as free samples. You have to keep in mind that Walmart is not in the business of giving things away for free. Ultimately they want you to buy something and not get it for free. Also I'm not sure if they will let you get one item again after you have already ordered it once before.

Overall it's a nice program but as to be expected it's not very robust.

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Source: www.articlecube.com