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Top 3 Basic Types of Work at Home Employment

In the past few years the interest in being able to work from home has increased dramatically. The reasons for this trend vary but it's obvious that having a work at home business has many advantages. Some people simply want to work at home to be closer to their families; others prefer the freedom they gain to become their own boss, etc. Whatever the reason, it looks as though work at home employment is becoming a fast growing market, especially in today’s Internet age. If you are planning on working from the comfort of your home, you might be interested to know about the three basic types of home-based careers available right now. Having a basic knowledge about them will give you a better idea on what best suits your needs.

Work at Home Employment Type # 1: Telecommuting (also called Teleworking)

Telecommuting is not a complete work at home employment; you don't own your own business. Basically, as a telecommuter you work for someone else. However, the big difference from a traditional job is that you do the majority of your assigned work from your own home. Of course you get some great benefits with this type of work at home employment career: you usually have the advantage of company benefits, such as health insurance.

Work at Home Employment Type # 2: Freelancing/Consulting

If you want more independence, freelancing might be a good option for you. Freelancing can be considered as something between a work at home employment and a work at home business. You could almost regard it as telecommuting employment. And in a way it is. However, based on the independence you are generally afforded, it is much closer to having your own business. For instance, as a freelancer you have total control over the people you want to work with. Among the most common developed skills you should have if you’re considering a work at home employment career as a freelancer are the ability to write, business advice, counseling, and others.

Work at Home Employment Type # 3: The Home-Based Business

A home-based business gives you full independence and control. There's nothing more rewarding than being your own boss. As a home-based business owner you are self-employed; you own the product, and the income is 100% yours. However, by starting a home-based business doesn’t always mean that the product you sell is your own. It could be that you’re selling a product with resell rights, selling products as an affiliate, and so on.

The above are the most common types of work at home employments. Although different, they all have something in common: you need to impose personality in order to have any success. If you want to work at home you have to make sure you're ready for that. If you think you have the right temperament and the discipline needed then you might be able to work from home. Explore each of the above-mentioned work at home employment types to find out more about which would be better for your personality.

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