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The Variety of Medical Careers

The medical sector employs people with varying levels of skill and experience. This includes doctors, nurses, dentists and pharmacists. Administrative staff such as hospital managers, office staff and support workers like porters and technicians are also a major work force in the medical sector. The industry also includes the corresponding therapists, such as acupuncturists, herbalists and homeopaths.

The medical career list offers the huge assortment of specialist career areas. Consultant, Doctor, General Practitioner, Immunologist, Psychiatrist, Radiographer and Surgeon are some of the fetching careers in medicine. Health Visitor, Midwife, Nurse, Paramedic, Physiotherapist, Speech and Language and Therapist are among the many careers, which are paramedical and part of health services. Audiologist, Dietician, Occupational Therapist are an inseparable part of the wide and encompassing medical field. They are very specific in terms of the services rendered.

Work environments within the healthcare sector are vast. These include Government hospitals, private hospitals, clinics and G. P. surgical clinics. Candidates with the relevant education in the respective fields are given placements in laboratories, pharmacies, day care centers and residential homes. They can also seek specialized placing with dentists, opticians and physiotherapists. At times, shift-work may be required in certain environments such as hospitals. These fields are also open to part-time work and flexible working hours.

The skills required of workers in the healthcare sector differ, depending on the exacting specialization and the seniority level. Irrespective of the field of specialization, there are a few personal attributes, which are important for them to possess. It includes the talent to communicate efficiently, a high level of personal inventiveness, and a genuine concern for the well being of those in their care.

A degree and different post-graduate qualifications, along with of work experience are required for a healthcare professional to be considered qualified in his field of expertise.

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