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The American Way?

Hey, Did you see the Mike Masterson article concerning Walmart in the Early to Rise on-line E-zine on the first week in December edition? The commentaries, including those of yours truly, went over to a second page. And, oh boy, did they dispel the myths of the American Way. The e-zine has this forum, you see, where readers subscribe and spill out their grievances on certain articles from Early to Rise. We had people refusing to shop there, destroying the Walmart myth of service, prices and the devious alleged modus operandi that Walmart exists under.

Mind you some defended the existence of Walmart but the majority did not condone their methods or Walmart's very existence. The condoners were blown out of the sky by the opposers. They attacked Walmart's alleged policy of low wages,poor conditions,inferior (made-in-China) products, and its alleged monopolistic policy of destroying superior business and product manufacturers because it can. One condoner even was blatant enough to call their methods The American Way.

As an Australian, I see it all happening in our once wonderful country. Our new opposition leader Kevin Rudd of the Labor Party (liberal to the US uninitiated) has stated "I do not want Australia becoming the quarries for China nor the beaches for Japan". We need to keep our national identity and reinstate our manufacturing strengths and all those other "special items" that allow a people to grow and prosper.

(I need some more words here to submit)-they are: A restored better education system for the unskilled and one that must have results. We need a Government-led boost in new industries and a major training/apprentice scheme restored. The neo-conservatives have allowed industries to crumble and allowed multi-national takeovers of our icons. It has to be stopped and some stripped assets restored and bought back. It should never had been allowed to happen. Damn those greedy,selfish capitalist shareholders!

Source: www.articlecity.com