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Song of The Year And Its Lessons

The Dixie Chicks won the song of the year and record of the year award during this year’s Grammy Awards for their controversial song “Not Ready To Make Nice”. Indeed it pays to be persistent!

Perhaps you are not familiar with the story of this great song “Not Ready To Make Nice.” It is the response to the taunting and sanctions suffered by the Dixie Chicks for making unpopular comments about President Bush’s Iraq war.

As punishment for making their views known on this issue, many country music radio stations refused to air the Dixie Chicks’ songs and many more of their fans boycotted their products but the Chicks would not budge in spite of the isolation and attacks. Instead they stood their ground defending their right to free speech.

It has been a long night for them but finally the sun shone on them at this year’s Grammy Awards and they were rewarded abundantly.

Truly it pays to be persistent! The Dixie Chicks’ winning of the prestigious award of song of the year is indeed a great lesson for anyone who wishes to excel in this world because you have to be ready to stand up against all sorts of adversity to be a great success in any field. And if you are ready to pay the price through unyielding persistence, you will be victorious like the Dixie Chicks.

It is this great miracle of persistence that led the best selling author and philosopher Dr. Napoleon Hill to say: What mystical power gives to men of persistence the capacity to master difficulties? Does the quality of persistence set up in one’s mind some form of spiritual, mental or chemical activity which gives one access to supernatural forces?

Yes, the foregoing questions are worth pondering about for it is almost invariably the case that all those who persistent in a worthwhile venture seem to record such great success in the end that Dr. Hill wonders if “Infinite Intelligence throw[s] itself on the side of the person who fights on, after the battle has been lost, with the whole world on the opposing side?”

Whatever you believe in, whatever you set out to do, always give it your all and remember: it pays to be PERSISTENT!

Source: www.articlesbase.com