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Scientist Career Profile

A career in science offers a wide variety of employment possibilities. A career in science might include working as a: social scientist, conservation scientist, science technician, atmospheric scientist, physicist, astronomer, computer scientist, medical scientist, biological scientist, scientific researcher or a number of other science-related fields. Letís see what makes working as a scientist so rewarding.

Challenging Work

The work of scientists is similar to that of engineers. They use their creativity, energy and talents combined with their mathematics and science background to help solve everyday problems. Scientists get to work in the design, creation and development of new products, as well as work in the production, monitoring, maintenance and even testing of these products.

Career Tidbits

Here is some interesting information about a career in science according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.

- Scientists generally work 40 hours per week, but may be asked to work more under tight deadlines and heavy work schedules. Their daily tasks often involve work in a laboratory or even in the field.

- Scientists constantly need to learn new things in order to keep on top of the latest research and technological changes.

- Scientists typically work in a group on a research project. Collaboration is a big part of being a scientist.

- Gaining a bachelorís degree in your particular area of interest is a minimum. You may want to pursue an advanced degree. You will most likely be surrounded by people with a Ph.D and even some with medical degrees. You will not be able to go much further than a position as a Research Associate without an advanced degree.

- Scientists commonly gain employment in academic institutes (like universities and non-profit organizations). They may also work in corporate environments.

A career as a scientist is a very prestigious career field. Many important people in history were considered scientists. The best scientists are those that are curious about the world we live in and strive to make it a better place.

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