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Real Work from Home Careers

Over the years authors and freelance writers in general have provided themselves with real work from home careers. There has always been a need for writers doing their own thing from the privacy of home. Can you imagine how boring novels by an author might become if the author worked for a company that required him/her to write a new book every week or two? It just would not work, at least not very well. Regular employees of periodicals of course must meet such deadlines on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Many thousands of them providing tremendous quality work day in and day out. However, it is the free lance writers with their work from home careers that really add spice to our reading life.

The freelance writer used to be more the exception than the rule. Hoping once he/she had an article written that it could be sold to an interested periodical. However, more and more people in search of work from home careers are opting to go the freelance route. As the amount of traffic hitting the Internet increases daily and the number of completely on line businesses is on the rise, it is little wonder that there is a true need for freelance writers to participate in meeting the writing needs of large firms, magazines, and website creators.

Once the Internet became such a household tool, the need for qualified freelance writers interested in work from home careers began growing at an ever increasing rate. For businesses looking to attract Internet traffic to their sites it is of the utmost importance to provide content of interest on their sites. Otherwise, consumers simply would not be found to be very interested in staying on the site if it didn’t have something special to offer. Thus, the exponential increase in the number of freelance writers. Of course regularly employed writers are also writing from home in what is now commonly referred to as telecommuting.

While in the past by far the majority of writers both freelance and employees of traditional media outlets had journalism degrees, today that concept is quickly fading. To write on line articles as a real work from home career does not require a diploma. What it does require is a desire to write, to do so well, and to make the content interesting and worthwhile to the reader. Of course having on line tools that do grammar and spelling checks are a great help in this respect, making otherwise not quite so writing savvy freelancers into at least moderate successes.

Freelance writing is only one of many legitimate work from home careers. Other such work from home careers include things such as:

• Running a distributorship for the likes of Avon, Mary Kaye, Shaklee, Amway, HerbaLife and many more.
• Operating carpentry, electrical general repair and plumbing businesses.
• Providing cleaning, janitorial and laundry services.
• Operating driving, snow blowing or any other number of services which fulfill a need generate by the public in a given area.

When thinking of looking into work from home careers, keep an open mind. Make a brainstorming list of anything that comes to mind and then go through that list deciding which ones you would be happy doing, which ones you can afford and which ones are really needed in your particular area of the country.

Brad West is a work from home careers expert. Brad’s views and ideas are published regularly on http://www.employment911.com

Source: www.articlesbase.com