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Pre Employment Screening

When an employer wants to compile the most accurate information available about a potential hire, a Pre Employment Screening Check would be the best choice. Employment Background Check can include a driver vehicle records, county criminal search, statewide and national criminal search, as well as other verification options.

A complete Pre Employment Screening Check provides employers the confidence in knowing that they have made the best hiring decision based on the information available via an online database. Pre Employment Screening is now commonplace for employees wanting to protect their employees.

If your organization is one of the many that is conducting pre employment screening currently, you've taken a good step toward protecting your company's interests in several ways. First, by conducting pre employment screening, you can save thousands of dollars in wasted time and training by making sure potential applicants have the experience they are claiming. Second, by utilizing a pre employment screening program you are protecting your company against negligent hiring lawsuits, which can cost millions of dollars and ruin your business.

Nonetheless, simply conducting pre employment screening is not always enough. Your organization should make sure your pre employment screening program involves using screening services that are accurate and thorough. Some background screening companies provide instant results at dirt-cheap prices. These types of employment screening companies are not helping you in the long run --saving a few dollars today by using a cheap employment screening firm can be devastating tomorrow.

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Info Cubic is a nationwide, one-stop pre employment screening company. Info Cubic's mission is to speed up the hiring process to help customers compete for the best talent by providing high value intelligence delivered through automation and transparent technology, direct access to information, and unparalleled customer service.

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