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Phone Screening for Employment

More companies now use phone screening for employment. This is done to trim down the number of applicants and determine who are really qualified for the next process which is the face-to-face interview. So, if you are one of these candidates, it will give you the edge if you plan and prepare before you begin to send out your resume and receive that unexpected call. You won't have a clue as to when that phone will ring so here are some steps that you can do when preparing for that phone screening for employment.

Some steps

First, you should get organized and set aside your materials as if you were going to a personal interview. You should have a folder with ads and job postings you have responded along with their company information. Always keeps this folder in a specific where you can get it in a hurry so that when that phone rings, you can easily grab it.

Second, you should be prepared. It is essential that you know exactly how to answer the caller with the right level of enthusiasm in your voice. You can practice this by recording your voice using a tape recorder and see if you are able to project an upbeat image through the sound of your voice and the words you use.

Third, you should know what the company is looking for. You can do this by looking over the job description to see what they seek in an applicant. If you don't have a clear description, you can check other postings with similar position to see what the company looks for.

And lastly, you should inform everyone inside the household that you are expecting a call from a recruiter or company. Although it is not necessary to remind them to be polite and professional when answering the phone, still it is best to tell them especially the children.

These are just some of the things that you can do to prepare for the phone screening for employment. With these in mind, you can be confident that the recruiter may pursue you further as candidate.

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