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Luxury Archaeology

Unfortunately the study of Archaeology has always suffered from its media coverage in the media. The image given by popular media has fluctuated enormously from the adventure and excitement of the days of Indiana Jones to the lesser excitement of following it on programs such as “Time Team”. One thing is for certain, it has never had the glamour it deserves.

Some of the sites available for visit for those of us who are not professors can be of incredible value and often rouse excitement and interest. Lately I have conceded that not all archaeological sites need to succumb to their inevitable image of desert landscapes and digging, there are a few of us who truly visit them in style.

A new breed of archaeology aficionados is rising, one which is populated by the wealthier and more demanding among us and that spend a little more time and money than the average tourist on enjoying the great prize that the learning of ancient cultures represents. These new cultural tourists are demanding in that not only they want to enjoy incredible sites but they want to do so in comfort, and that to me makes perfect sense.

Just because you find yourself interested in a dig does not necessarily mean you should spend the night in a tent fighting off mosquitoes or killer snakes! How about getting to the dig, enjoying the site and the tour, then walking back to your hotel where a nice meal and a comfortable bed give time and opportunity for reflection and more study?

Archaeology and luxury go hand in hand and, smacking tradition in the face, I firmly believe they are not mutually exclusive!


Source: www.articlecity.com