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Looking For Careers In Professional Writing?

If you are indeed looking for careers in professional writing, give yourself a huge pat on the back, because you will learn a lot about that exact topic throughout this article directory.

And while I can't speak about EVERY ONE of the careers in professional writing, I can talk about Copywriting Article Writing, Press Release and Book Writing.

That's because I've done them all professionally.

And what's most interesting about MY career paths was that they all felt as if they BUILT upon one another. I started as a junior copywriter and took my lumps competing with the big boys on television commercials and radio campaigns and print ads.

That learning led me to Article Writing which requires a great deal of manipulation of keywords and understanding keyword densities (how often the keywords appear in a piece.)

Article Writing, still a favorite led me to Press Releases because I now had the keyword understanding and believe it or not, Press Releases are written with VERY specific keyword combinations and densities.

And finally, I've also published a book called NIGHTALES.

I wrote THIS article to inform people who are very earnestly looking for careers in professional writing to throw their nets wide. Don't restrain yourself and think that you might only be one type of writer. Chances are you may have many talents writing that you have YET to tap into...the same way I had to find my way.

I highly encourage you, if you're still interested (am hopefully you are) to run over to Google and type in "careers in professional writing" and use quotes the way I just did...this will give exact matches to that phrase.

After you learn what you can there, widen your search by just taking the quotes off. This will give you a 'broad' search.

The careers (plural) are out there. That much I can guarantee you!

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