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Job Search - Finding a Recruiter or Recruitment Agency

Recruiters and recruitment agencies can be a great help to those in the job market who do not have the time to search for a job themselves. This may be because their current full-time job takes up too much of their time, or because of family constraints. Either way, recruiters are a big help when it comes to the seemingly interminable job search.

But how do you find a good recruiter? You may feel more inclined to go with a recruiter or a recruiting agency that has national acclaim. One that is well known can be a good bet, especially if you want to find a job somewhere else in the country. But if you want to find a job near your current location, a local recruiter may be a better option. These recruiters are familiar with the local job market, and know what local companies have openings.

Part-time employment is one of the fastest-growing forms of employment and recruitment agencies are a good source for this kind of work. Part-time work means that the employer only has to have that employee at their job for 35 hours of less each week. Full-time employment is generally considered between 35 and 40 hours or more each week.

Seasonal employment is also very popular. The most popular time for seasonal employment in the US is during Christmas. Seasonal workers are generally hired in September, they begin in October and finish their employment period in January. They often work full-time during this time, but are not considered full-time employees because they are only there for the season.

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Source: www.articletrader.com