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How to Get the Most Out of Recruitment Agencies

Your job is to present yourself in a professional manner and sell your abilities to the interviewer. Recruitment Consultants are a great source of where the job openings may be but do not rely on them to be your own personal recruiter. They work for their clients who are the companies and they have many candidates that they may send for interviews.

Be honest with the recruitment agency about your abilities and experiences. If you inflate your resume to the point where it isn't true, then they will be sending you on interviews that may be out of your league. When the agency figures this out, they'll stop working with you in order to protect their reputation. Since many of these companies work together, that could have a ripple effect on your ability to work with other recruitment agencies in the area.

Always present yourself to the recruiter the way you would a potential employer. By doing so, you are showing the recruitment agency that you are serious about looking for a job and are ready at that very moment should they have an interview to send you to. This gives them a sense of your desire and determination to find a job. Be available at any time they call with a potential interview. You went to the recruitment agency for help in finding a job and this is what they are doing. For the time being while you are not working or in the process of changing jobs, treat the recruiting agency as if it were your job. Never ignore their calls or avoid them simply because you may have a lunch date with a friend. They will send someone else instead and that person may be the one walking into an opportunity of a lifetime instead of you.

Many recruitment agencies specialize in certain employment fields. Be sure you do your homework and check out the kinds of jobs they typically fill. Many agencies have regular clients which, means they will usually get certain types of positions. By signing up with the right agency, you'll find yourself going on interviews that are right for you.

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