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How Can I Find Work In Music When There Are Only 25 Music Careers?

Many pass over the thought of themselves actually working in the industry due to the common mindset... "if one has talent they have a chance in music." If one wants weekly (or bi-weekly) pay with benefits one seeks a normal job in the 9-5 workforce. This is simply false. Most people love music to some extent. Those that are paying attention to their future and careers know or at least wish they can be involved with something they love.

Many will admit they believe they donít have what it takes to make it in the music industry and some will admit they donít have a desire to be a musical artist. But many will also admit they need a job, and for longevityís sake will admit they need a career they love. They love music and need career involvement in something they love.

Well... it just so happens that the music industry employs millions all around the world in positions that are not directly artist related or even behind the scenes artist related. The fact is there are over 120 different careers with lucrative futures in the music industry. Now multiply that by the thousands of record labels, advertising agencies, law firms, and so on all over the globe. These careers range from secretaries all the way up to C.E.O.ís of major music corporations. Do you like manual labor, advertising, practicing law, or preparing clothes? If so the music industry has something for you and so much more!

The music industry has involvement in almost every facet of our everyday lives. The music industry alone is responsible for offering some of the most exciting careers known to mankind. These careers are no harder to find than any other types of job as long as youíre willing to look. Yes, of course some jobs require training and hard work and some donít. But thatís nothing someone seeking a career wouldn't find even if they were applying for a job at the local telephone company or the like. But! How many people really LOVE their jobs at the telephone company? Or rather how many people love their telephone company job when they can be doing the same thing in the music industry while waving to one of their favorite music artists as they walk down the record labelís hallway for a 2:00 pm appointment with the record executives?

You donít have to settle anymore with the thought of just getting by in your 9-5 job that you either donít think much about or that you even hate. You should be searching and conquering a job/career in an arena you can identify with. It doesn't have to be in music but it should be in you! If you do identify with the music industry, remember there aren't only 25 music careers. There are as many as you need to be happy.

Dave Weston is a music industry entrepreneur, song writer and music artist affiliate. He is also the author of the Insider Music Careers Guide. You can learn more about music industry careers at http://www.music-career-guide.com

Source: www.articlecity.com