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Found A Great Job - 3 MUST DO Actions Prior To Accepting Any Job Offer

Too often, as job seekers find a place of employment that piques their interest, they allow themselves to become enamored by the company culture, the personality of the hiring decision makers, the nature of the business or product/services being offered, the income, the geographical location, or any one or multiple influences that quickens the job candidate to say “YES” to the official job offer. But that can sometimes spell doom or delay to a career. Before accepting any job offer, ask the questions below, whether you ask them verbally or silently, get the answers before uttering the word “YES,” should a job offer be extended.

Probably the most important questions, is: “Why do job candidates come to work here, and how long do they stay, on average?” Don’t be afraid to ask this question during your interview process. It’s only fair that if a company can quiz you about your applicability to perform a specific job that you can ask them what they have to offer you. An important aspect of career success is longevity, which goes to the heart of employee turn-over. If that answer is an unusually high number, you better find out why, fast, but politely. Maybe even consider asking those questions of actual employees, if the job interviewer allows such exchanges.

Another important job insight concerns how the company treats its employees. A direct question often doesn’t answer the question. Actions, though, do speak louder than words. Observe and note how employees are treated when you arrive for your interview. Were you treated with respect? Were you kept waiting without regard to an explanation? Were you ‘manhandled,’ meaning directed and managed without courtesy? Did the interviewer(s) interrupt your answers, take phone calls during your appointment time? Did they over control the interview? Were they dour or too direct with their questions? What was the mood of the other employees? Did they acknowledge your presence as you offered a friendly ‘hello?’ Observe such interactions, as they tell the sub-text of what it’s like to be there day-after-day in an employment circumstance.

Next, ask: “Please describe a typical work week in your employment environment.” Try to get the interviewer or other employees there to open up about the general expectations of the employer and the job for which you are applying. Things like: How many average daily/weekly work hours? Are there access, parking or dress rules? Any required meetings, whether formal or informal? How does an employee address work issues and with whom? What is the ‘chain of command?’ What’s the hardest part of the job? These and other such questions will reveal employer expectations, often expectations that do not appear on a formal job description.

Perform the three actions described above prior to accepting a job offer. The results of those actions will reveal to you insights into how an employer exhibits respect and nurturing of towards their employees. Without employer respect and nurturing, employees have a much harder task of fulfilling the expectations of the employer or their own career goals.

Mark Baber has 20 years experience as an Executive Search recruiter.

Mark is Recruit Consultant to national and regional employers and search firms, as well as an active professional executive search specialist. For details visit: http://www.mcbaber.com

Source: www.articlecity.com