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Fishing And The Moon

Many anglers don't realize it, but there are few things that have an impact on fishing like the moon. Yep, I said the moon, as in that thing in the sky at night? Fishing and the moon are linked like a pair of Siamese twins. Not only that, but you don't have to study the moon like algebra course to know what you need to know. It's quite the opposite actually, if you'll just spend a little time learning the basics about fishing and the moon, it will probably be the best time you've ever spent as far as your fishing success goes.

There are many people and companies out there who want to make fishing and the moon seem complicated. As if you have to have some sort of special system to understand it all. And do you know what? They are usually attempting to sell you that system. All of this is BS, though (unless of course you really want to get in depth with the subjects of fishing and the moon), because you can learn what you need to know in about a ½ hour of study.

Have you ever had one of those days fishing where it seemed as if no matter what you did you caught fish? Like the fish we're just biting like crazy? This was more than likely due to the fact that you were fishing when the moon was in a certain phase. Not only that but the moon was probably either rising or setting. By the way, the moon can rise or set during the middle of the day!

The best way to get the information that you need about the fishing and the moon is to invest a little time. Get some quality information about fishing and the moon, which you be able to read it in a ½ an hour and you'll be good to go. Even knowing which phases of the moon are better than others will make a HUGE difference in your catch rates. Fishing and the moon really aren't that complicated , oif you know what to look for.

The bottom line is that fishing and the moon are so intertwined that you'd be crazy not to read this quick E-book. There's no longer any reason to waste your valuable fishing time fishing when you don't have the best chance of catching fish. Fishing at the proper times is even more important than which type of bait you're using. I'm telling you, once you understand this, it will change your fishing life forever.

Trevor Kugler is co-founder of JRWfishing.com and an avid angler. He has more than 20 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and 15 years of business and internet experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country…..Montana!

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