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Employment Screening Resources

Employee screenings use legal, medical, human resource, and other government offices related records to get a good insight into a job applicantís background. They must have access to these records in various government offices such as the DMV, criminal records bureau, medical institutions, and schools.

These offices do not provide confidential reports to each and everyone who enquires. The investigators must have authentic identification before trying to check these records. Educational institutes tend to provide only basic information.

Since the pre-employment screening companies make a business out of these reports, they need to be precise, accurate, and timely. They must have resources required to provide reports requiring exhaustive search in some cases. Also, some companies need to provide reports involving a nationwide screening of the candidate.

All pre-employment screening companies are able to check into the criminal background of the applicant. In the event the applicant had filed for bankruptcy or has a bad credit history, it will be mentioned in the report as it might reflect badly when the company provides the employee with a corporate credit card that can be misused. Criminal records or recorded instances of violence in the work place might also be considered against the candidate. Drugs and sexual abuse are other offenses that can be easily unearthed during the screening.

With the resources available to the investigative agencies these days, there is practically nothing about the applicant that they cannot unearth. Companies encourage candidates to not provide falsified resumes or hide something vital that might affect the job or the company in the future.

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