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Employment On Your Mind?

As a practicing ophthalmologist for 30 years, I have been involved with hundreds of employees. I have been in Army and Air Force hospitals as well as in private practice. In addition to my own clinic and its employees over the years, I have been involved for periods in two other private ophthalmology practices. Employment issues are always very challenging for both employer and employee.

The first contact is usually interviews and I have been on both sides of the desk as a prospective employee and as an employer doing the hiring. From an employee standpoint, you want to get a good job that interests you and you want to have good pay and benefits commensurate with the job description. A good resume is always important and I have seen some very good resumes and some horrible resumes. A good source of information with plenty of content on all aspects of employment is a valuable tool for anyone wanting a job as well as for the employer looking for a good employee. You can never have enough information because new and unexpected problems can surface at any time.

The issues of salary, benefits, health insurance, job security, vacation pay, and sick leave maternity leave, workmen's compensation, liability insurance, and employee rights can be endless and confusing. I am still not an expert on employment issues even after 30 years.

The availability of all these facts in one resource will be invaluable and can be used again and again for employees and employers for employment information.

If you are looking for answers regarding employment, you can find vaulable information all in one place. Today's changing work environment makes understanding employment issues much more important and this will help guide the way. This is a good resource that you can return to again and again.

I am a Board Certified Ophthalmologist who has been in practice for 30 years. You are welcome to visit my website. If you have any problems finding what you are looking for, please use my Site Search.


Source: www.articlecity.com