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Employment and Career Opportunities in the Car Wash Business

There are employment and career opportunities in the car wash business. That sounds rather interesting doesn't it? Do you know why there is so much opportunity and employment available in the car wash business?

It is because car wash owners have been exploiting the cheap Hispanic illegal alien and illegal immigrant labor for over four decades. That is about to end and now they will have to hire American citizens to do the work and that might require paying them a little more and making a little less profits and even perhaps raising the price of the car wash one or two dollars. Is that a bad thing?

There are employment and career opportunities in the car wash business and it is an easy business for someone to work their way up the ladder to manager and eventually learn enough to run their own car wash and get into the car wash business as an owner and not just an employee or manager.

I have been in the car wash business for over 27 years and have made a pretty good life of it. I recommended the car wash business for someone who decides not to go to college or perhaps someone who really loves cars. It is a rewarding profession and a good one, why? Because on the first day God made dirt and ever since then it has been getting all over whatever mankind creates; such as cars. Please consider this in 2006.

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