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Colorado Employment Lawyers

Employment law governs all aspects of the of an employee-employer relationship. It relates to affirmative action, alien workers and visas, personal leave, safety, racial discrimination, disabled employees, safety, records retention and access, overtime compensation, testing, recruiting and discipline.

Employment lawyers are available both for employees as well as employers in Colorado. Lawyers in Colorado can professionally handle cases regarding various employment matters. The matters include discrimination, wage and disability claims, common tort laws, contract and wage claims.

Employment lawyers are also well versed in matters of work place safety, work place benefits, medical leave, and employee medical insurance. The lawyers can handle both federal as well as state laws.

Though the human resources department today handles much of the employment processes, there is a rise in employment lawsuits. Most of these lawsuits stem from discrimination against employees above forty years of age, people from a certain ethnicity, overweight, religion, military status or even sexual orientation.

Under employment laws in Colorado, though an employer doesn’t have to employ the best or the most qualified candidate, the employer should not base his employing decisions on factors like race, religion, age, sex or national origin. Therefore, during an employment interview, the interviewer cannot ask any questions relating to the above context.

Some of the laws relating to the employee law are The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and Americans with Disabilities Act, Family and the Medical Leave Act. Apart from this, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been created to enforce employee rights.

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