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Are You In The Right Career?

Careers have many considerations: opportunities, money, job satisfaction, best use of your talents, and inconveniences of employment.

Fortunately for us, usually the career that most interests us will also be one where we have many skills and talents. Some of our skills and talents are obvious, such as: math, artistic talent, writing skills, financial management, or mechanical skills. Other skills and talents may take a little more thinking to discover. They might be things like: the ability to be liked, originality, decision-making, problem solving, multi-tasking, leadership, or relaying information. Make a list of your talents. Are there any you are not using now, that you wish strongly you could use? Can they be used in your career, or would you need to change?

Sometimes the career we most love or are familiar with lacks room for advancement or is in a declining industry. What are the opportunities like in your current career? Are there many job openings? Are there jobs in your field with greater responsibility and greater pay? Is the industry itself expanding or is it on the decline? Stay informed, anticipate changes in your industry, and be prepared by updating your training and education for changing times.

Will the career you have chosen take you as far as you wish to go financially? Careers vary widely in their financial opportunity. Though average income increases with educational degrees earned, not all careers pay educated people well. If you wish to go beyond the financial ceiling of your career, what career might be next for you, and how might you prepare today?

Some careers have significant advantages or disadvantages other than money. Some jobs pay very well because they are inconvenient. These might be jobs such as working on an oil rig or ship where you are away for many months at a time. Other jobs are dangerous or just unpleasant. Consider if your career will suit you for a long time or if it is just a good job for now. Always think ahead.

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