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Advance Your Firefighter Career with an Online Fire Science Degree

You were lucky enough to get into a fire service career, but now you want to advance up the career ladder, so how can you do that? An online fire science degree can help you meet the grade when it is time to promote someone. Along with your agility test, your written exam, you will be able to show a portfolio that demonstrates your advanced degree and knowledge.

A bachelor's degree in fire science will include more specific and detailed information about fire behavior, fire extinguishment, rescue operations, and incident command. An online fire science degree program may offer specialty areas of fire inspection, fire investigation, forest fire management, or public safety and security.

One of the advantages of an online fire science degree program is that you can complete it online in your own time, an on your own schedule. You will be able to complete course work at the fire station during down time and not take away from your other obligation such as family and fun.

Firefighting positions are highly sought after because they generally have great benefits. Flexibility in scheduling, plenty of opportunity for overtime, health benefits, adequate vacation, guaranteed pension after 20 years of service, and tuition reimbursement.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average hourly wage for an entry level firefighter is $17.00 hour. With an advanced degree and promotion, a firefighter who specializes in fire inspection can earn $44,000 year, and for fire investigation $45,000 a year. Fire Chiefs make up to $60,000 a year and more in more urban areas. Clearly an advanced degree is a way to move up the salary ladder.

Online fire science degree may also offer specialties in public safety, emergency management and public and homeland security, all areas that are increasing in demand. Investigate the various opportunities that are available to you in an online fire science degree program.

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